Neighbor In Need

Oak Nut Farm is committed to providing our community with fresh and nutrient dense produce. We know that many families in our community are unable to afford fresh and nutrient dense produce. These families are forced to stretch their food dollars as far as possible and that often means purchasing processed food items that are made with much cheaper subsidized ingredients rather than purchasing non-subsidized (and thus more costly to produce) fresh and nutrient dense produce.

Oak Nut Farm is changing that—with your help—and here’s how.

We know firsthand that there is too often waste in vegetable and fruit production. There are various reasons for this—such as crop damage due to unforeseen weather (hail), pests, and plant diseases or from a lack of time/resources on the farmer’s part to get everything harvested right on time—it is inevitable, it is unfortunate and it bothers us tremendously.

We are choosing to do the right thing and minimize our farm’s food waste by gleaning crops toward the end of their productive life cycle with volunteer groups, carefully sorting and distributing “seconds” produce in a timely manner and/or processing produce culls before they spoil. Oak Nut Farm educates our CSA members and customers on how to prepare unfamiliar items and encourages them to help minimize food waste in their own homes. Any farm produce waste that is too damaged to be saved is fed to our free range laying hens and spoiled waste is composted and returned to our fields to grow more veggies and fruit.

Here is where you come in—if you know of a family or individual in need in our community, please let us know by contacting Oak Nut Farm via mail, email or phone. We will keep a list of these Neighbors In Need and as produce donations become available, we will distribute them as best we can. Also, if you are a member of a church or community group that would be interested in volunteering to help glean or interested in sponsoring a CSA share for a Neighbor In Need, please let us know.

Oak Nut Farm Produce Donations

2015 Season: 335 pounds of produce donated

2016 Season: 3,020 pounds of produce donated

2017 Season: 1,790 pounds of produce donated

2018 Season: 676 pounds of produce donated

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