Our Farm Stand CSA provides members with their choice of items, flexibility, convenience, and savings—which in turn reduces food waste and facilitates a logistically streamlined and efficient CSA for us to manage.

What is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)?

Traditionally, a CSA consists of a community of individuals (members) who pledge support to a farm operation. The farm and the members share in both the benefits and risks of food production. Typically, members pledge in advance to cover a portion of the anticipated costs of the farm operation. In return, they receive a portion of the farm’s bounty throughout the growing season, as well as the satisfaction gained from participating in local food production and directly supporting their local farmers.

About the Farm Stand CSA

Over the past eight years we have worked towards offering our members more choice and flexibility while simultaneously reducing food waste and increasing our farm’s efficiency and sustainability. In 2018 we officially ditched the typical “box” CSA model and updated to our Farm Stand CSA. The Farm Stand CSA allows members to purchase farm stand credit in advance that can be used at any of our farm stand locations at any time, on as many or as few items as desired. Members can pay by cash/check or by credit/debit card via a secure PayPal link. For each amount of farm stand credit purchased, members will receive an added bonus. The more farm stand credit purchased—the bigger the bonus—our way of showing how much we appreciate each of our member’s support!

Select amount of farm stand credit to purchase: Pay by cash/check and receive the following bonus:Pay by credit/debit card and receive the following bonus:
$300+ $15 bonus = $315+ $10 bonus = $310
$400+ $25 bonus = $425+ $15 bonus = $415
$500+ $40 bonus = $540+ $25 bonus = $525
$600+ $60 bonus = $660+ $40 bonus = $640
$700+ $85 bonus = $785+ $60 bonus = $760
Farm Stand CSA payments are non-refundable.

The farm stand credit and bonus is loaded onto a Farm Stand CSA Card (plastic gift card) which can then be used to purchase ANYTHING that we sell at our farm stands: vegetables, fruit, herbs, flower bouquets, eggs, pasta sauce, honey, and new items yet to come! The Farm Stand CSA Card has no expiration date, and balances can be carried over into next season (2024). Also, the Farm Stand CSA Card can be reloaded with more farm stand credit at any time, with the same added bonuses described above. If your card goes missing, please contact us for a replacement card. Keep in mind that the Farm Stand CSA Cards are reusable—we ask that when you are finished with your card, please return it to us so we can give it another life!

Farm Stand CSA Card

Returning members will have their farm stand credit and bonus added onto their existing Farm Stand CSA Card within 24 hours of us receiving payment. We can do this manually and do not physically need the card to load credit. New members will pick up their Farm Stand CSA Cards at the farm stand location they indicated in the “Order Notes” section during check-out. Following the initial pick up of their Farm Stand CSA Cards, new members can then shop at any farm stand location. The days and hours of operation at the farm stand locations will vary throughout the season, but will be mostly consistent from May through December with occasional dates between January and April. These days and hours of operation will be posted closer to the time on our Weekly Farm Newsletter, website, Facebook, and Instagram pages. To lessen our environmental impact and increase our sustainability, members are encouraged to bring their own reusable bag, box, or basket when visiting the farm stands.

Is everything USDA Certified Organic?

All of the products grown by Oak Nut Farm are USDA Certified Organic by Pennsylvania Certified Organic (PCO). For the products that we offer but do not produce—such as sweet potatoes—these items will be USDA Certified Organic or from a farm that utilizes organic practices and in whose integrity we have complete confidence. Oak Nut Farm prides itself in being honest and transparent, and will clearly label all items from other local producers.

Have any questions or need further assistance? Please call Jennifer at 540.878.3414.